Coneflowers in bloom


This garden was jointly conceived and installed by CLDS directors and Penn State Master Gardeners Jack Shamberger, Sandy Visintainer, and Jo Robbins. Special thanks to Dave Visintainer and Lee Robbins for their help.


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Perennial Demonstration Garden

The Perennial Demonstration Garden is a certified Penn State Extension of Luzerne County Master Gardener project and Certified Pollinator Garden, which will be used to teach people how to divide and transfer plants, as well as demonstrate other perennial gardening concepts.

Begun in 2012, the garden is designed as a cottage-style, four-square parterre garden with a center circle. Current plantings include bee balm, coneflowers, knockout roses, lavender, Joe Pye weed, perennial geraniums, shasta daisies, and Russian sage, just to list a few.  The garden also includes a hummingbird feeder and Mason bee house.